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Despite being tagged with “no natural ability”, “nothing above average” and ‘disabled” Shelley Taylor-Smith became 7-time Women’s World No.1 Marathon Swimming Champion 1988-95,  1991 FINA World 25km Champion and 1991 World No 1 Marathon Swimming Champion for both men and women; a feat never achieved by any other woman in the history of any sport worldwide.

This riveting story of Shelley’s rise to success is uncompromising, spirited, and straight from the heart. A must read for open water swimmers of all levels. Learn how to absolutely love the solitary nature of the sport and develop the “man-against-nature” mindset which is the key essential to becoming a successful open-water swimmer.

Delve into Shelley’s greatest asset, the most important 6 of your body – the distance between your ears and the ability to get into your own mind and swim your own race. Learn how to turn your love-hate relationship for open water around and overcome your greatest competitor – yourself!

Whether you are planning on racing in an ocean, lake, river, canal, bay, dam, or reservoir, Open Water Swimming is your best guide to success. Steven Munatones wrote the perfect book for athletes of all levels who want to compete in the open waters of the world.

Brent Rutemiller, Publisher of Swimming World Magazine