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Rules, training ideas, information, history, techniques and tactics, equipment, trends, major events, mass participation races and all different forms and types of information on the  open water swimming world can be found here.

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The Open Water Almanac includes: The Open Water Swimming Dictionary, Expect The Unexpected, Open Water Swimming Books and Movies, Open Water Swimming Haikus and Poems, Higher Math For Open Water Swimmers, Open Water Swimming Circumnavigations, Open Water Swimming Relays, Is Open Water Swimming Nearing A Tipping Point?, Four Fundamental Feeding Steps, Outstanding Open Water Swimming Websites, The Socratic Method In The Open Water, Open Water Swimming Products, Fears Of The Open Water,Ocean’s Seven, Triple Crown Of Open Water Swimming, 50 Great Open Water Locations In The Americas, America’s Top 50 Open Water Swims, World’s Top 100 Open Water Swims, America’s Top 10 Most Competitive Open Water Races, Longest Solo Swims In The World, An Open Water Swimming Hero, Where Are Open Water Raced Conducted?, New Open Water Swims Around The World, Open Water Swims In The Future, Five Oceans, International Marathon Swimming Hall Of Fame, Open Water Swim Clubs, Teams And Organizations, Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde In The Open Water, Open Water Swimming Ecosystem, Swim Near The Rocks, 50 Great Open Water Swimming Locations, Inner Thoughts Of A Marathon Swimming Coach, Triathletes And Open Water Swimmers As Endurance Cousins,Eco-swimming: Staying Green In Blue Waters, Cold-water Swimming, A Champion In The Pool And Open Water, etc.