Board of Directors

Meet the IMSHOF Board of Directors
The voting members of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame include:


  • Shelley Taylor-Smith of Australia, the dominant female professional marathon swimmer from the mid-1980’s to the mid-1990’s and current Secretary General of the FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee.
  • Sid Cassidy of the U.S.A., current chairman of the FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee and former pro marathon swimmer.
  • Tim Johnson of the U.S.A., author of The History of Open Water Swimming and the world’s foremost authority on tidal influences on open water swimmers.
  • Michael Read MBE of Great Britain, 1960 Olympic Games swimmer and former holder of the title King of the Channel for his 33 successful swims of the English Channel (to date).
  • Philip Rush of New Zealand In August 1987 set the English Channel triple crossing record, enroute he also established the men’s single and double records.
  • Conrad Wennerberg of the U.S.A., Chairman Emeritus of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and author of Winds, Waves and Sunburn: A Brief History of Marathon Swimming, one of the most authoritative books written on marathon swimming.
  • Steven Munatones of the U.S.A., creator of The Daily News of Open Water Swimming, Oceans Seven, Openwaterpedia and World Open Water Swimming Association.
  • Skip Storch of the U.S.A., an ultra-marathon swimmer who completed a triple circumnavigation of Manhattan Island.
  • Kevin Murphy of the U.K., current King of the Channel for his 34 successful swims of the English Channel.
  • Dale Petranech of the U.S.A., chairman of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and former chairman of the FINA Open Water Swimming Commission.
  • Carol Sing of the U.S.A., oldest female swimmer to cross the English Channel.
  • Montserrat Tresserras of Spain, first Spaniard to swim the Straits of Gibraltar and English Channel and first female swimmer to swim the English Channel both ways (1961).
  • Irene van der Laan of the Netherlands, former English Channel double-crossing record holder and long-time professional marathon swimmer.
  • Lynn Blouin of Canada, race director of the Traversée internationale du Lac Memphrémagag and Vice President of the IMSHOF.
  • Richard Broer of the Netherlands, creator of Netherlands Open Water web ( and open water swimming promoter.
  • David Clark of the U.S.A., a swimmer of, and coach, escort and observer for swimmers of the Catalina Channel and English Channel.
  • Bob Duenkel of the U.S.A., the Curator and Assistant CEO of the International Swimming Hall of Fame and former USA Swimming national open water team coach.
  • Silvia Dalotto of Argentina, a certified FINA Open Water official, advocate of South American open water swimmers and former top professional marathon swimmer.
  • Dr. Marcella MacDonald of the U.S.A., successfully completed 6 English Channel crossings including a double-crossing.
  • Chris Guesdon of Australia, a long-time promoter, writer, instructor and official of marathon swimming.
  • Pavel Kuznetsov of Russia is an English Channel swimmer and promoter of open water swimming.
  • Peter Van Vooren of Belgium is the Chairman of the Channel Swimming Association.
  • Neville Smith of South Africa is a writer and promoter of open water swimming.
  • Dee Llewellyn of the U.K. is an Administrator of the British Long Distance Swimming Association.
  • Stéphane Lecat of France was a dominant swimmer of the FINA Circuit during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Swam the English Channel in 2003 in 8:19.
  • Wayne Riddin of South Africa is the Race Director for the world’s largest open water swimming competition, the Midmar Mile.
  • Yuko Matsuzaki of Japan has competed in several dozens of professional marathons in oceans and lakes around the world.
  • Ned Denison of Ireland is a marathon swimmer and administrator, founder of the Cork Distance Week.
  • Forrest Nelson of the U.S.A. is president of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation and a prolific marathon swimmer.
  • Alison Streeter MBE of Great Britain is Queen of the Channel for her 43 English Channel crossings.
  • John Kinsella of the U.S.A. was one of the greatest professional marathon swimmers of all time and a double Olympic medalist
  • Patrick Winkler of Brazil is a publisher of the SWIM Channel, open water swimming blogger and daily radio host
  • Paul Asmuth of the U.S.A. was one of the most successful professional marathon swimmers in history with 7 world titles